Other Ceremonies

Whatever occasion you have in mind can be celebrated with a ceremony. A ceremony lets your guests know ‘This occasion is special’. Some examples:

Same-sex marriages

I am so pleased that people of the same sex can now be married. Long overdue! You can now celebrate your love before family and friends. I can design your ceremony as you want it. You choose the venue, and I work with you to design the ceremony, write the vows, decide on any poems or other readings.



A commitment ceremony

p4Some couples feel that they are not the marrying kind but still choose to celebrate and publicly acknowledge their love and commitment to each other.

These ceremonies can be truly special and may incorporate all your ideas and wishes. Friends and family can be included in rituals or readings. Cultural references can also be included. These inclusions can make your ceremony truly personal, moving and memorable.

As there is no legal aspect to a commitment ceremony, you are free to construct it totally as you wish. I would consider it a pleasure and privilege to be involved in your ceremony.

Renewal of vows

People have many reasons to consider a Renewal of Vows ceremony.  Maybe your wedding was not what you’d hoped for, or maybe it was so fabulous that you can’t wait to do it again!

You can hold a Renewal of Vows to mark important wedding anniversaries or just because you feel like celebrating the joy of your ongoing marriage. These ceremonies can be very special. They can involve your children, your original attendants and anyone else whom you would like to include.

You may like to repeat the vows you said to each other on marrying or write new vows which better suit your present stage of life. They can be humorous, romantic, a combination of both, or whatever you wish. There is no legal aspect to these ceremonies; so the sky’s the limit, it’s purely your celebration. Together we can plan a truly memorable occasion to celebrate your marriage.

Baby and child naming

baby-child-namingWhat could be more special than welcoming a new little person into your community of family and friends? You can choose from many beautiful poems and readings to include in a ceremony that names your little one.

Grandparents can participate, and godparents, mentors, guardian angels, call them what you will, can be appointed and honoured as part of the ceremony.

Guests can express their hopes and wishes for the future of your little one. These ceremonies can be unique and very personal. I would love to hear the ideas you have in mind for a naming ceremony for your precious little family member.


Are you aware that you can pre-plan a funeral? When I write your ceremony I put my heart and soul into it, therefore I like to take the time to get it just right. That’s why I prefer to pre-plan, with you, any funeral ceremonies that I am going to conduct.

You can choose the person you would like to deliver the eulogy, the poems, music and anything else that you would like to include in a funeral ceremony. You can even write a letter yourself to be read during the funeral, to say goodbye to family and friends.

This can save a lot of angst for those who are left behind, and you can relax, knowing all is in place, just as you desire it to be. I would be happy to have the opportunity to plan your ceremony with you.