Civil Marriage

What a Civil Marriage Celebrant Does


Wedding ceremony

Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrants provide secular wedding services as a non-religious way of formalising a union. Authorised celebrants complete government-approved training and are authorised by the Federal Attorney General’s Department. You can still include religious aspects in your ceremony if you wish – a range of ethnicities and beliefs can be accommodated.

Civil celebrants comply with applicable laws, especially the Marriage Act.

As a civil celebrant I can conduct ceremonies of celebration or loss for any life stage. Some possibilities are outlined below.

Commitment ceremony

Couples, either opposite sex or same sex, can acknowledge their commitment to each other publicly, before their family and friends, with a commitment ceremony. A commitment ceremony is suitable if you choose not to marry, are unable to because you have a pending divorce, or for same sex couples who are not yet allowed to marry. Such ceremonies are not a legal marriage ceremony so you can go wild with your planning! It can be fun, romantic, serious, or all of the above.

Name giving ceremony

A name giving ceremony, which is usually done for babies as an alternative to a religious christening, welcomes a new addition to the family. Godparents or mentors can take part in this ceremony. Adults who have changed their name for some reason, can also recognise this with a ceremony.

Other ceremonies

Celebrants can renew wedding vows, to celebrate a special anniversary, arranged to suit your unique requirements or preferences.

An authorised celebrant can plan and conduct a funeral service. This can be a comfort for the bereaved at a time of losing a relative or a dear friend. A ceremony can be performed at a scattering of ashes or other memorial service. Pet funerals can also be conducted by civil celebrants.

Civil celebrants can carry out ceremonies for special birthdays, house warmings, boat-namings, or any other celebration you can think of!

As a civil marriage celebrant I would love to help you with any of these ceremonies.  Just let me know the event you have in mind, and I will work with you to make your special occasion just what you have dreamed of!